Patrick C
Wed 8th June 2016
rating providor

Great Place with a Wonderful View

We really enjoyed our time at this fantastic cottage in Ireland. The views are unbelievable. The cottage, itself, was very well decorated, and there was plenty of room. The hosts, Patrick and Theresa, were very kind and were always around for questions. I would stay here again in a heartbeat. On a side note, there were a couple of issues. First off, there is no wifi in the house. They did have a little wifi device that we could borrow from them which took care of that problem. Sadly, their usual one was broken when we arrived, and the new one didn't arrive until the day before we left. This wasn't really their fault, and I can't blame them. But, boy, it would have been nice if they had it earlier. We were kinda spaced out on a number of issues, and that little wifi device would have came in handy. Also, it would be nice if they could get some different fry pans for the kitchen. I hate using scratched up non-stick pans for anything. Some more stainless steel pans would be great. Also, it's not like this was a huge deal or anything. It's just something that would be good for future guests.