Sun 9th October 2016
rating providor

Simply The Best - Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere.

Stayed in #9 in these self-catering cottages in Puckane for a week in late Sep 2016. Cannot recommend too highly, absolutely perfect in every way. The two ladies we dealt with, Úna & Margaret, were the epitome of friendliness, helpfulness & professionalism - we ran out of fuel for the fire one night, the only night it rained, & Úna arrived at our door, drenched, with a huge load of turf - & her usual smile! #9 has a fully fitted & more than adequately equipped kitchen, can sleep 8 comfortably (1 double bed, 4 singles & 2 bunks spread across 3 bedrooms) & a spacious lounge/dining room with a fabulous "old-fashioned" open fire that comfortably heated up the entire cottage when the bedroom doors were left open. We were just the two (plus dog) but kids would love the bunks in one of the downstairs bedrooms, even more they'd love the attic/dormer bedroom up the "old style" staircase in the lounge. The double bedroom is on the ground floor adjacent to the 1 bathroom/toilet. There's also a TV but we watched the turf & log fire instead. The entire location is genuinely super-pet friendly for an all-in supplement of €25, Taz's constant tail-wagging told us he thoroughly enjoyed the experience of sleeping nights on the rug in front of the fire & wandering around the large green space which the cottages encircle. Naturally we did our business after he did his & there are polite signs requesting dog owners to do likewise, we experienced no problems walking on anything messy. There's a comprehensive grocery shop on the other side of the road (parents should strongly caution young kids not to cross on their own - it's not a busy road by any means & the vast majority of road users did drive slowly & considerately) & there's a genuinely great "Oirish" pub that reassuringly entertains more locals than visitors. Well behaved & mannerly pets who know their place are welcome which was another major plus for us - and for Taz. I'd personally hoped we'd we staying in #3, seems the one & only Gene Kelly of "Singin' In The Rain" fame stayed there for a month & regularly entertained all & sundry in this marvellous pub, Kennedy's, but in the end #9 won me over. I'd Goggled Puchane before going, apparently the population of the village is about 200+. I'm convinced "Stepford Wives" is based on Puchane. In a surreal way Puchane is almost, but not quite, too perfect, too tidy, too pretty & too friendly. Behind # 9 cottage there's a perfect little park, laid out beautifully, with many benches & ideal for leisurely relaxing morning, noon & late at nights. Yes, nights, because beside this beautiful park there's a great tennis club - floodlit! Which lights up the entire park. We'd sit in the park & watch the members playing late into the night. The members were very friendly & apparently it's possible for visitors to play there after some "informal formalities". Down the road the GAA grounds are also floodlit. We kept asking ourselves - what are just 200 people doing with such an amazingly pretty & friendly village while obviously living life to the full late into every night either playing tennis, or GAA or socialising in Kennedy's Pub - or perhaps all three! Like I said, surreal, but we weren't complaining - first opportunity we'll definitely be back, this time with the grandkids & their dog too. Oh, and excellent (free) Wi-Fi too.