Wed 20th August 2014
rating providor

Plenty for kids to do in a safe environment

Nice cottage although the conservatory/dining area is a bit of a goldfish bowl, being at the front of the property and the outdoor table is at the front. Other cottages on the holiday village with conservatories and outdoor dining at the back offer better privacy. We could see the layout from the picture on the booking site but the full sense (especially proximity of car loading/unloading space to outdoor table) was only appreciated once in situ. More cottages are being built on the other side of a fence at the back and while we were there the builders were working at roof level quite close to the cottage so the back (especially 3rd bedroom) was overlooked too unless we kept the curtains closed, however, this should be temporary and I would expect is probably no longer the case. Shared swimming pool was fine, as was tennis. Good outdoor play facilities for kids and huge grassed open space area to run around. Wifi signal was weak. Table tennis room had no ping pong balls so we bought some in Tenby. The crazy golf is not in good condition. There was also a gym, sauna and outdoor barbecues although we didn't use these. Overall we enjoyed our stay but a spot of maintenance would lift this to near idyllic.

Mon 20th June 2016
rating providor

Good accommodation, and location, well presented.

Really enjoyed our stay... a well sorted and clean holiday home with everything you need.. This is the second time we have stopped at this complex.. and will probably return next year.

Sun 11th September 2016
rating providor

Looks good on the surface but many niggles that build up to a lower rating

Firstly let's start on the positives. The cottage is ideally placed for exploring the Pembrokeshire coast, and is clean and neat. Our bed was comfortable and the furniture was relatively new. I am not a fan of cottage complexes but it was quiet when we were there and seemed to run smoothly. We did not use any of the facilities such as the pool. But there were a number of issues with the cottage. Firstly the build quality - the house felt like a two storey caravan, it seemed very flimsy and felt damp the whole time we were there (and I live in a cob cottage so I know about damp), When it rained the Windows had to be closed because the eaves were so shallow rain came into the house. There were many niggling maintenance issues - lots of the window catches were loose, the third bedroom window was stuck fast (and yes we did unlock it), tiles in the bathroom were cracked, the front door lock was stiff, taps had to be turned several times before any water appeared. The conservatories have no external door so feel a bit like a goldfish bowl, there is no private or enclosed outside space (so for instance if you had a toddler you would not be able to put them outside to play without having to watch them all the time). The conservatory on ours took in the sun all day and the house was unbearably warm some days when we got in. This was not helped by all the beds having impervious mattress protectors making for some very hot and uncomfortable nights (especially for the person in the bedroom with a non opening window.). Sleep was made difficult by the fact every house has its own very bright external light that is controlled by a timer, none of which have any relation to the time of day. So the one opposite us came on at two in the morning, combine that with very thin curtains and you may as well give up trying to sleep. The instructions that came with the place were scanty, for instance when did the hot water come on? What should we do if (as happened) the power goes off in the night because someone made the mistake of trying to turn on the light in the third bedroom? How does the damn cooker work? But it was the cheese paring meanness that got me. Usually when you get to a cottage there is a welcome thing of enough stuff to make a cup of tea and have a biscuit. Not here. Indeed there was no hand wash, no washing up liquid, and, to last a week for five people one washing up sponge and two very thin tea towels. The bath was not big enough for even a short pants like me to lay out in, and the shower runs off the taps, with rubbish water pressure and a house full of people this makes for a feeble dribble that changes temperature every time someone else washes their hands. If you are too mean to provide a full size bath (and by definition the water to fill it) just be honest about it and put in a shower, and make it a decent one. There was the usual stuff about leaving the cottage as you found it, but the vac wasn't very good and stank, and there was no mop for the hard floors, nor cleaning cloths for the surfaces. Wifi access was poor and could only be picked up in the conservatory. This meant if you wanted to use it during the day you couldn't see your screen where you could actually get the access! It would be more honest to say there is wifi but it is limited - if you came with kids wanting to Skype their mates or download films they'd be very disappointed. Instructions about getting the (actually nonexistent) key were just wrong. Overall not unbearable but not good either.