Sat 13th February 2016
rating providor

A Star is born

Choosing Starre Barn for Mr M's birthday treat was a brilliant thing to do. We loved just about everything to do with the barn. It was warm and inviting when we arrived - and we arrived on what is probably going to be one of the worst days of the year. The wind was howling the rain was coming down in stair-rods. None of that mattered when we had a cuppa and were sitting in the lovely sitting room all snug and warm. The shower room is lovely, the kitchen is huge - well huge compared to mine, and if I had to find something to complain about it would be the step up into each room from the hall. Mr M has worn out knees and he found the step up and down a bit painful. The bed was sooo comfortable. The only downside for this internet junky was the difficulty with the wifi. When I first tried to connect there were five, yes that's right five different options and nowhere in the instructions on the shelf did it specifically say which BT thingy was the one to try and connect to. I gave up and decided to ring the number provided to get help but had to wait until the next day because it was so late in the evening. Of course I forgot the next day until it was once again to late to ring and so it went on through the week. So could they write down the exact name of the provider that will be shown on the screen when you try for wifi