craig t
Mon 1st December 2014
rating providor

Invest to rent not rent to invest

I think this is a case of renting out the property in order to generate income to invest in it rather than the other way round as it is far from the finished article and there are a number of things that, had I known, I would have probably given it a miss and looked elsewhere. Such as, the last thing a really want to see is dead flies everywhere or sticky patches stuck on rotten windows in the dining room and kitchen to attract the flies to their impending doom. The shower was next to useless even after I descaled the shower head with vinegar and whole place ( upstairs especially) was damp and smelt musty which was not surprising due to the amount of condensation. The front room was nice and cozy and once I had cleaned the glass of the wood burner it was nice to sit and watch the fire however the settees are not the most comfortable. Also beware of the dining room chairs as these are all broken and we had to extract a child who had to be pulled out when the seat collapsed. Beware also the wooden decking as it is treacherously slippy and should be avoided at all costs. With regards the bedrooms the double shouldn't really be classed as a double as you can't get in or out from both sides. Perhaps thought should be given to making this a single room and changing the twin to a double..... Although this sounds all negative it is a nice location with pleasant neighbours and nice walks on the doorstep of the property it is just not ready to rent out yet and I would not return until all the work to make it liveable had been completed. I am not a serial moaner and don't expect 5 Star service unless I am paying 5 star prices but I do expect the basic levels of comfort.

Thu 10th November 2016
rating providor


Nice area, cottage is as described and very nice ( could do with a bit of diy about the place) However the garden is not enclosed it has holes over the fence and the property next doors pond is very large I wouldn't really call it a pond! When you follow the public footpath you can see they have at least two big holes next door one is at least 20ft deep so I would not recommend this cottage because of its location to people with children or curious dogs at all