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The Limousin region is made up of just three departments, the Haute Vienne the capital being  Limoges, the Creuse  with the capital being  Guéret, and the Corrèze and the capital is Tulle. The highest point in Limousin is the Mont Bessou, 977 metres, near Ussel, in the Corrèze department. The only town of any size in the Limousin region is the city of Limoges; with about 140,000 inhabitants. The region's second city, Brive la Gaillarde, has just under fifty thousand inhabitants; it is the biggest town, though not the departmental capital, of the Corrèze department, the southernmost of the region's three departments. Apart from Limoges and Brive, no town in the Limousin has more than 20,000 inhabitants.


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Brive-la-Gaillarde, on the river Corrèze is an attractive small city, with a historic centre built in the pale honey coloured local stone.    Just a few miles up the Corrèze, is a small manufacturing town which produces a fine loose meshed lacy fabric.

Aubusson, is another textile town, famed worldwide for its tapestries; Aubusson tapestries were famous from the 15th century onwards, but the industry declined in the early twentieth century, until it was relaunched in the late 1930's by Jean Lurçat, reputedly the greatest tapestry designer of the 20th century.

Rural Limousin is an land of deciduous woods and fields in the west and northwest with fields of sheep and an upland area of spruce forests and grazing land on the Plateau de Millevaches (the thousand cows plateau) in the east. In the south west, the region borders the Dordogne with the Dordogne river cutting and forming the border with Auvergne

Auvergne is one of France's hidden treasures, a region of hills and mountains, valleys, forests and rivers, a region where the hustle of city life is something unknown, and time seems to move at a slower pace. 
The mountains of Auvergne, which culminate in rocky peaks at over 7000 feet, create the backbone of France's Massif Central. This area of highland is the largest dormant volcanic area in Europe. There is plenty of volcanic activity going on deep below the ground, as is still seen by the hot springs at Chaudes Aigues in the Cantal, where the water comes out of the ground at a temperature of 82°C, the hottest springs in Europe. While the northern end of the province stretches up the Loire and Allier valleys towards the low-lying Centre of France, most of the southern part of the region is hilly or mountainous, with large stretches of land lying at over 1000 metres (over 3000 ft). Sparsely populated, the Auvergne boasts a fine natural and cultural heritage, including beautiful valleys, large expanses of coniferous forests, and spectacular hillscapes. It is a region much appreciated by ramblers and nature lovers, as well as by people in search of a holiday far from the madding crowd. The region is rich in history with fantastic dungeons and castles as well as some of the finest Romanesque. It is a region rich in history too, with a fine collection of historic dungeons and castles, as well as some of the finest romanesque churches in France. The small city of Le Puy, famous for its lace-making, is one of the most unusual cities in France, with rocky pinnacles that stick up in the middle of it. If you are visiting the region with your children, don’t forget to visit including a safari park, the Vulcania theme park (illustrating the story of Auvergne's extinct volcanoes, and including 3-D cinema and IMAX), scenic railway lines, cable cars to the peaks of the highest mountains, kayaking and rafting facilities, mountain bike tracks, and much more.

Three main rivers have their headwaters in the Auvergne: the Loire, the Allier and the Dordogne. Clermont Ferrand, Auvergne's capital city, is a university city of some 200,000 inhabitants, and the home of the Michelin Tyre Company. It is a busy shopping centre, with plenty of cultural life.

Rochechouart visit the impressive castle dating back to the 13th century with its contemporary art gallery, historic rooms and artefacts. 
Oradour sur Glane the martyred village. In 1944 the Waffen SS set the village alight and massacred the inhabitants in a mistaken act of reprisal. The village has been left as it was, fixed in time as a memory to the brutality and horror of war. 
Chaudes Aigues in the Cantal,- visit the hot springs

<p>Limoges is the regional capital of Limousin which is a city of art and history with a very old city centre, parts dating from medieval times including the cathedral and old bridge on the Vienne. A short walk from your apartment why not visit the large porcelain museum.<br /> Brive la Gaillarde is an attractive old city centre to be enjoyed whilst you explore from your apartment.<br />Aubusson is the capital of the tapestry industry where you can visit the tapestry museums, workshops and old town.<br />Clermont Ferrand is Auvergne's capital city. It boasts a university with some 200,000 inhabitants, and is the home of the Michelin Tyre Company. Enjoy the busy shopping centre <br />Le Puy is one of the most unusual cities in France with rocky pinnacles that stick up in the middle of it. It is very famous for its lace-making and there are lots of shops displaying the lace in the cobbly streets.</p>

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